Today was a good day in the land of working on my Cecil cosplay.

I found the PERFECT shirt at the thrift store (it’s way more purple in person I swear) and a nice black vest.

AND AND the headphones were less than $12 at FYE. And they even sound great and have a mic in them. 

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  1. justplainsami said: EEEEEEEE I GOT CECIL COSPLAY STUFF YESTERDAY (and wore them to school today because yes) WE CAN BE CECILS TOGETHER
  2. lycheelyph said: AHHH CUTE
  3. myrddin-emrys said: My inner Ten just wants to get at those ties behind you…. anyway, hooray for cosplay progress! I’m not a WtNV person, but cosplay is cosplay is good. =D
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